Santa Cruz Beach Senior Photos

Graduation Season is upon us, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to shoot a senior session at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!  Capturing these memories with Veronica, a graduating senior, at the picturesque Santa Cruz boardwalk and beach was a dream come true! This senior photo session was more than a celebration of her academic achievements; it was an opportunity to capture the essence of who she is at this special moment in her life. We began the day taking pictures at her local school with her cap and gown and then headed to the beach. The Santa Cruz boardwalk with its perfect mix of bright colors and nostalgic charm, provided an idyllic backdrop for senior photos, making every shot a piece of art.

From the moment we set foot on the boardwalk, Veronica's excitement was contagious. Her light truly shines, and she glows in every single way. It was an honor to capture this stunning beauty . Her sweet smile and spirited personality shone through as we explored the iconic rides and attractions. The colors and atmosphere of the boardwalk perfectly mirrored Veronica's character. My favorite moment was when she indulged in the best hand-spun cotton candy and ended up dyeing her tongue a fabulous shade of blue. Her laughter and joy added to those perfect candid moments. Those moments of pure, unfiltered happiness are what make photography so special, transforming simple images into treasured memories.

As the day wound down, we transitioned to the beach, where the golden hour cast a breathtaking glow over the ocean. Veronica, barefoot and carefree, played in the water, her joyous spirit reflected in every splash and wave. The setting sun and sparkling water created some truly stunning shots, each telling a story of a young woman on the brink of a bright future. This session with Veronica was a beautiful reminder of why capturing these moments matters: it's about preserving the essence of a person and the milestones that shape their journey. Congratulations, Veronica, on your graduation and the exciting path that lies ahead! You're going to do BIG things! Here's a special note from mom and dad:

A Love Note to our Grad

Veronica, you truly are SUCH an inspiration on every level. You’ve always had the pure love of Christ at the forefront of your personality. All we’ve aspired to do as your family was to nurture the sweet, wholesome spirit that Heavenly Father blessed you with (mission accomplished!). While growing up, you have magnificently magnified your spirit in all the ways you were meant to, and we know there’s no stopping you on the path toward your exciting future! Your dedication to your family, friends, school, sports, and of course your faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are a blessing to us all. We know you work SO hard at the things you’re passionate about and responsible for. You are an amazing person!! When you are away from home and in college, wondering if you’re going to make any friends, remember Veronica, people love you for who you are. You are a funny, quick witted, happy, feisty and spunky person. On top of that, you’re a gorgeous woman with a thousand watt smile (if you doubt us, quickly refer to the stunning photo shoot!). You are a star with a countenance that shines so bright, people will want to be near you and get to know you. Keep being that girl. That confident and charismatic person with a strong testimony and desire to do good. We are so proud of you and know you were born into this world FIRST for a reason. You are a beacon for your siblings to look toward and aspire to be like. You are well on your way towards the next beautiful chapter in your life, and we’re here for you anytime! We love you SOOOOO much—always have and always will! Thanks for being our BESTIE!!!

Your Howard family forever,

Dad, Mom, Jameson, Alaina, and Clara

Girl buying cotton candy at the boardwalk and getting ready to eat it
Blue Tongue and cotton Candy
Senior Picture of dark haired girl sitting against a yellow background
Colorful planters and iconic tilt a whirl rides at the boardwalk
Drink surfboards and water log ride senior pictures
Close up image of girl brushing back her hair with an armful of colorful bracelets
Getting ready for an adventure on the Giant Dipper ride at the Santa Cruz boardwalk
Boardwalk ride in the sunset
Cotton Candy Graduating Senior laughing and smiling
Giant Dipper Roller Coaster on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz displaying the American Flag
Cotton Candy, Soft Serve Cones, Churros and Icee at the boardwalk with our graduating senior
Beautiful Dark Haired woman laying on the beach with her hand on her chin
Girl sitting on the Bach with birds and ocean  in the background
Beautiful Santa Cruz seaside cliff with purple flowers
Girl walking away on the beach with a hat and blanket in hand
Girl running on the beach with her blanket chasing the birds
Beautiful Senior Girl laughing on the beach
Spunky bracelets and hands holding a seashell
Footprints in the sand leading to a bright blurry girl in the background
Beautiful girl throwing water in the air standing in the ocean splashing
Girl on the beach looking for her shoes
Girl on the beach with her hands behind her head keeping her hair down
Girl staring soulfully into the camera at the beach
Girl splashing in the ocean and laughing
Girl on the beach dancing with boardwalk in the background

Interested in Santa Cruz Beach Photos?

When I first talked to Veronica to plan her senior photos we knew we wanted something playful and colorful! We originally picked out a quieter beach, but I couldn't stop thinking about the boardwalk and all of its charm and nostalgic structures. We decided to change course and I am SO glad we did!!! While it was definitely busier than we imagined and difficult to maneuver through the crowds of people, we managed to capture some magical moments. The cotton candy made the day so much sweeter (and stickier) ! We finished the day watching the sunset fall on the boardwalk and splashing in the ocean. It was the best type of adventure! Interested in taking your Santa Cruz or Senior Photos with me? Click here to inquire!